Mobility Training

Mobility Training focuses on improving range of motion, flexibility, and overall movement patterns of the body. Our Mobility Specialist incorporates various techniques including assisted stretching, soft tissue mobilization, and corrective exercises to achieve these results.

Assisted Stretching: 

  • Assisted Stretching involves the help of the Mobility Specialist to stretch specific muscle groups This technique allows for a deeper stretch, helping to increase the flexibility of muscles and joints. Assisted Stretching actively breaks up scar tissue to allow for a greater range of motion over time and helps relax the nervous system, allowing for a more effective chiropractic adjustment. 

Soft Tissue Mobilization:

  • Soft Tissue mobilization techniques involves applying pressure with stretch to areas of the body to break down adhesions in the muscles and fascia. This method helps to improve blood flow and enhance tissue elasticity. This technique is beneficial for individuals recovering from an injuries, dealing with chronic pain or experiencing muscle stiffness.

Corrective Exercise:

  • Corrective exercises are designed to address muscle imbalances, poor posture, and movement dysfunctions. These exercises focus on strengthening weak or underactive muscles in the body to help balance out movement patterns that are contributing to pain. Corrective exercises help restore balance and mobility in the body, and increase the efficacy of spinal adjustments. 

Using a multi-faceted approach is key to improving one's health and wellness. Be it chronically stiff muscles that need to be loosened or injury recovery, Mobility training helps you to achieve your full potential of health and wellness 

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