Functional Nutrition

It is commonly said that you are what you eat and most people realize how important good nutrition is to overall health and how efficiently your entire body functions. If you want to learn more about functional nutrition, Dr. Brian Rector and Dr. Abby Serpico of Monterey Chiropractic Group in Monterey, CA can help you to understand the benefits it can have on your life. 

What is functional nutrition?

Chiropractors believe that all of the body's systems are interconnected and when one is not functioning at its optimum level, it affects other parts of the body as well. The body should be treated as a single entity. With functional nutrition, all things are considered, including your lifestyle, before diet recommendations can be made. Diet is more than just losing weight. For some people, it is gaining weight and, for others, it is maintaining their health. 

If you are having symptoms of an illness, it is important not to treat the symptoms but to look for what is causing the symptoms and that means looking at all things including your diet, your lifestyle, and many other considerations. Once you know why your body is reacting this way, it is easier to come up with a diet that will reflect what you need. 

How your needs are determined

Before a functional nutrition plan can be created for you, your doctor will need to do a few simple things. These include:

  • Take your medical and family history
  • Evaluate what medication and supplements you are taking
  • Talk to you about your current diet and lifestyle
  • Check for possible nutritional deficiencies

With this information, a plan can be designed specifically for you. Functional nutrition is not one size fits all, it is your personal plan for good health. With this plan, your food is your medicine, and it is what makes you feel good and stay healthy. The aim is to help you make healthier choices that will help you to enjoy better total body health. The focus is on eating as cleanly as possible and avoiding processed foods.  

If you could benefit from functional nutritional counseling, Dr. Rector and Dr.Serpico of Monterey Chiropractic Group in Monterey, CA offer this service. To make an appointment for a consultation, you can use our website or give us a call at 831.899.5900.

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