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Nutrition Counseling


A balanced, nutritious diet is a crucial element to a happy, healthy life. At Monterey Chiropractic Group, we provide nutritional counseling based on the philosophy that "everything is fine in moderation." It is important that the human body recieves all of the essential nutrients and foods to nourish the body, so at MCG do not support any extreme diets or cleanses. Our philosophy of health and nutrition includes a full, well-rounded diet that includes all food groups, vitamins, and minerals.

If you are interested in receiving nutritional counseling, let us know! Our doctors and personal trainers are very experts in healthy eating can help improve your diet to so that you have more energy and better health, without going on extreme diets. 

Personal Training


Our Certified Trainer works with patients to strengthen weak areas that pose the threat of current of future injury. Lasting 30 minutes, personal training sessions are to show how to properly exercise problem areas. Working with the doctor, We will develop a customized exercise program that incorporates strengthening with resistance bands, foam rolling, exercise balls, and body weight.

Every patient on a care plan will receive one Functional Movement Screening. This is to screen the body for any imbalances and asymmetries that can cause injury. Using seven different movements, this quick screen will help identify which areas of the body need the most attention.

Worksite Wellness


Dr. Rector and Dr. Abby volunteer their time to educate the community about the benefits of a proactive approach towards health. The doctors enjoy doing "Lunch & Learn" events at local worksites on a multitude of wellness topics. If you would like more information on wellness topics, how to schedule a "Lunch & Learn" at your worksite, and the healthy lunches we can provide, please contact the front desk staff.

Our staff at the Aquarium thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Rector’s lecture on managing stress. He gave an informative talk covering three areas of stress (physical, biochemical and psychological) and provided tangible and useful strategies for coping with daily stresses. I am confident our staff walked away with new information on how to deal with stress.  We are all looking forward to having Dr. Rector join us again!

Thanks for everything,

Anna Archer

Monterey Bay Aquarium Wellness Program Manager 

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