First Visit


For some, this will be your first experience with a doctor of chiropractic. At the Monterey Chiropractic Group, we are a unique wellness center. Our services promote inner healing, as we guide you through each aspect of your well-being. You will spend more time with our staff and doctors at your first three visits than at your following visits. This ensures that we get to know you, your symptoms and health history, and you get to trust your body to heal itself.

We have state-of-the-art technology that you will experience during your initial exam. This equipment will scan your nervous system, spine, and supporting muscles to allow the doctors to locate areas with subluxations, stress, and to determine if it is necessary to take X-Rays of your spine. After these procedures are completed and this information is gathered, you will be scheduled for a one-on-one consultation with the doctor. At that appointment, the doctor will discuss, in a deeper context, what is going on within your body and give you a care plan for healing and wellness.


Here are some simple steps to get started:

  • If you haven’t already, give us a call to schedule your appointment: 831-899-5900
  • Fill out the form to the right which will provide a link to the "New Patient Intake" form you'll need to complete before your first visit.
  • Arrive at the office on time so we can begin our wellness relationship.
  • Return for your Report of Findings and Care Recommendations on your second visit.
  • Arrange your financial plan and receive your Appointment Schedule at your third visit.
  • Start your Chiropractic Care plan!

To make an appointment and fill out forms:

 Please call the office at 831-899-5900

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