Sciatica Treatments

The sciatic nerve refers to the human body’s largest nerve. Emerging from the lower back, with branches down each leg, the sciatic nerve, when inflamed or irritated, can create pain that is challenging to ignore, as it can impact you if you are walking or standing. Ironically, sciatic pain worsens when sitting as this position stretches the muscle, adding pressure to the nerve. If you live or work in and around Monterey, CA, Dr. Brian Rector and Dr. Madison Ferrante of Monterey Chiropractic Group can identify the cause of sciatic pain and help relieve its symptoms.

What are the Symptoms of Sciatica?

Sciatica’s symptoms are relatively consistent – manifesting as pain in your lower back, hip, legs, or buttocks. Sciatica pain can be intermittent or constant, as each individual is different. Most describe sciatic pain as the following types of sensations –

  • Shooting pain
  • Numbness
  • Burning
  • Tingling

Additionally, an inflamed sciatic nerve may result in muscle spasms and weakness of varying intensities, depending on the circumstance. While Sciatica is a recognized medical condition, sciatica is often a manifestation or symptom of an alternative underlying condition that places pressure on this large nerve and causes pain/discomfort and other symptoms.

What are the Potential Causes of Sciatic Pain?

If you are experiencing the pain associated with sciatica, the potential cause may include one or more of the following -

  • A spinal disc that has become misaligned, herniated, etc.
  • The natural erosion/degeneration of spinal discs
  • Constricted muscles create pain trigger points
  • Poor posture
  • Wearing high heels
  • Extensive sitting
  • Pregnancy

Sometimes, the symptoms of sciatica may improve over time. However, because sciatic pain is often a symptom and not the underlying cause of the discomfort, it’s smart to seek a chiropractor’s assessment, guidance, and treatment therapies that include –

  • Chiropractic adjustments that gently manipulate and realign the spine.
  • Therapeutic massage helps to reduce tension and inflammation caused by trigger points.
  • Stretching improves your limited flexibility and range of motion and more.  

Remember, sciatica symptoms can potentially come and go, so should the discomfort subside, you may mistakenly believe the cause of the pain has healed. Only when the pain (and life disruption) returns do you realize your incorrect assumption that your recovery was complete.

How Can a Leading Monterey, CA, Chiropractor Help Relieve Sciatic Pain?

Sciatic pain will continue until the nerve is no longer pressed, so it is essential to seek professional help from someone who can source your pain and develop an effective, noninvasive sciatica treatment plan. For those in and around Monterey, CA, contact Dr. Rector and Dr. Ferrante or a Monterey Chiropractic Group staff member at 831-899-5900 or online.

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